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  • Show Your Work!

  • Lately, with the start of year 2022, I started working on multiple different tasks... why?

    I always thought motivation is a tricky thing. It's hard to understand how to achieve it. You require it to get something done, but it's hard when you have no idea, where to start, why to start? I realized, It might be not.

    Creating things and sharing it is all that matters.

    Motivation comes afterwards, don't really care about this if you want something to be done. Naturally, you will feel need to keep going, even if no one gives a damn about your work.

    One day it will accumulate.

    What I started? What I went through?

    A DSA repository

    Previous year learning Go helped me a lot a this year too. I started writing a DSA repository to help myself learn more about Go.

    It feels really home to be writing in Go, not too distant from C, yet feeling modern and fast to get going.

    GitHub - adhadse/DSAWithGo: A DSA repository but everything is in Go. (WIP)
    A DSA repository but everything is in Go. (WIP). Contribute to adhadse/DSAWithGo development by creating an account on GitHub.

    Why Go? Why not Python/C/C++/Java and blah blah blah?

    The same reason because Domino's pizzas didn't became famous because it being Italian, but because they customized it to suit the local flavour and taste.

    Writing a repo to be added in piles of other similar repo don't make sense. Plus it doesn't help you/me either since you'll be anyway copy pasting it.

    Change the language, reimplement it according to new language, and you'll learn what you are doing.

    A Personal Wiki

    I always wanted a personal Wiki to share my long content, thing which I occasionally want to look upon, and are usually something I would want to share to someone who felt the need.

    Welcome to the my personal wiki!
    Here you’ll find everything you need to know about my note space.

    Previously, I had a notes site using gitbook. But, I didn't had lots of option. No customization, No dark theme, no custom fonts, bland code font,...YUCK!

    As soon as I got time to work on, I created a fork of Doks theme for Hugo to content my needs.

    And oh my, I was so pleasuring to work on that theme😇because that was going to be live!

    Currently theme work is finished. I have added my Deep Learning course notes there. I future I'll add more!

    Go ahead and pay a visit! You'll Love it!

    Jupyter Lab Theme

    I don't if I am the only one but, the dark theme on Jupyter Lab (and Jupyter Notebook too) sucks!

    I love my working environment to be nice and clean + pleasing to look and work at.

    Lately I have built this tendency to use Darcula theme + JetBrains Mono Font everywhere I code at. This includes this website and also on my brand new Wiki.

    The only remaining place was Jupyter Lab.

    So, I made a fork of another Darcula-theme and customized it (Oh! I love Customization😍). Below are the results:

    GitHub - adhadse/theme-darcula: A handsome Darcula theme for Jupyterlab. The first jlab theme to include dark scrollbars
    A handsome Darcula theme for Jupyterlab. The first jlab theme to include dark scrollbars - GitHub - adhadse/theme-darcula: A handsome Darcula theme for Jupyterlab. The first jlab theme to include d...

    I created my first ever pull request to original repo to include these changes, but the author is right now busy. So, my work won't probably be available via conda/mamba/pip package, but the above link has instructions for you to build and install locally, so it won't be a big problem.

    Anurag Dhadse, Signing off.